Welcome to Aivars Zvidris Property Management services in Europe 

I offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that your property is managed with utmost professionalism and confidentiality

Zvidris.com services:

  • Contract Execution and Signing: We handle all aspects of contract management, from execution to signing.
  • Payment Flow Management: We oversee the financial aspects of property management, ensuring smooth payment transactions.
  • Rented Property Safety Supervision and Monitoring: We prioritize the safety of rented properties through regular supervision and monitoring.
  • Complete Maintenance of Facilities and Units: We ensure the upkeep of all facilities and units, maintaining their value and appeal.
  • Checks and Inspections: We conduct regular checks and inspections of all engineering systems in the building, garden, and the adjacent area, including water supply, sewerage, heating, wiring, security alarm systems, and internet.
  • Premises Maintenance: Our services extend to premises maintenance, including gardening, cleaning, and repairs.
  • Record Keeping: We keep detailed records of completed and planned activities related to the property.
  • Fleet Management and Maintenance: We manage and maintain motor, aircraft, and vessel fleets.
  • Day-to-Day Work Supervision: We oversee the daily operations of the property.
  • Real Estate and Physical Property Supervision: We supervise real estate and physical property, keeping detailed records of completed works and reports.
  • Personal Tasks: We handle personal tasks according to owners’ instructions.

All activities are conducted with full confidentiality!

Property Management in Europe

We manage various types of facilities:

  • Housing: Villas, chateaux, mansions, houses, and apartments.
  • Commercial and Industrial Property: We manage commercial and industrial properties, ensuring they meet business needs.
  • Land Property: We oversee land properties, maintaining their value and potential.
  • Movable Property Management: We manage movable properties such as motorbikes, automobiles, aircraft, and vessels, ensuring their security, transportation, and use.

My professional designations includes:

  • Real Property Administrator (RPA)
  • Facilities Management Administrator (FMA)
  • Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA)
  • Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT) 
Trust us to manage your property with expertise and dedication.