Arboriculturist Services and Hedge Trimming - services

Gardening is not just about planting and nurturing. It also involves a variety of technical tasks that ensure the health and beauty of your garden. This article will delve into the professional services of an arboriculturist and the art of hedge trimming.

Cutting Out Dangerous Trees and Branches

Arboriculturists, often referred to as tree surgeons, are skilled in identifying and removing dangerous trees and branches. This service is crucial for maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your garden.

Restoration of Old Parks and Estates

Arboriculturists also specialize in the restoration of old parks and estates. They assess the health of existing trees and plants, recommend appropriate treatments, and oversee the planting of new trees and shrubs.

Shaping Hedges and Individual Plants

Hedge trimming and shaping individual plants are essential tasks for maintaining the visual appeal of a garden. Arboriculturists use specialized tools and techniques to shape hedges and plants to the desired form.

Crowning Trees and Shaping Bushes

Crowning involves reducing the size of a tree’s crown without affecting its health or aesthetic value. Similarly, shaping bushes involves pruning them to maintain their shape and size.

Permissions for Cutting Down Trees

In many areas, you need permission to cut down trees, especially if they’re protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Arboriculturists can guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary permissions.

Rooting Out Stubs and Shaping Stubs

Arboriculturists can root out stubs, which are the remains of cut trees. They can also shape stubs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Timber Removal

After cutting down a tree, arboriculturists can also handle timber removal. This involves cutting the tree into manageable pieces and removing them from the site.

Disposal of Branches, Leaves, and Other Waste

Arboriculturists ensure the disposal of branches, leaves, and other waste generated during their work. This is an important part of keeping the site clean and tidy.

Cleaning the Area Upon Completing the Activities

Once all the arboricultural activities are completed, arboriculturists ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned, leaving it safe and tidy for people to enjoy.

Submitting a Completion Report to the Owner

Finally, arboriculturists submit a completion report to the owner. This report details the work done, including any treatments applied to the trees and plants, and recommendations for future care.

- restoration of old parks and estates

- shaping hedges and individual plants

- crowning trees and shaping bushes

- permissions for cutting down trees

- rooting out stubs

- shaping stubs

- timber removal

- disposal of branches, leaves and other waste

- cleaning the area upon completing the activities

- submitting a completion report to the owner