Garden and park rehabilitation

When purchasing property it often happens that the garden or park are neglected. Especially, if the estate was abandoned, it is necessary to carry out the inventory of the garden and plants to identify what to keep and what to remove or replace with new analogues.

I arrange gardens and parks of any complexity and condition. Extensive experience of working in historic gardens and estates. Restoration of the garden historic elements:

- performing the inventory of gardens, plants and garden units

- trimming plants, lawns and flowerbeds

- bush pruning and shaping hedges of any complexity

- arboriculturist services of tree pruning and crown shaping

- stub shaping

- planting new material

- garden reconstruction according to design documents or archive documents

- reconstruction and renovation of pavilions, statues, flowerpots, hothouses, tables, benches and other garden facilities and units

- washing stone surfaces and facades

- cleaning gutters and roofs