Garden Event Management Services (GEM): 

Crafting Perfect Garden Experiences

Gardens are the perfect backdrop for any event, offering a serene and beautiful environment. GEM not only manage your event but also prepare your garden to ensure it is at its best for your special day.

Pre-Event Garden Preparation

The key to a successful garden event lies in the preparation. The team at GEM begins by assessing the garden space, understanding its unique features and potential challenges. We develop a plan to enhance its beauty while ensuring functionality for the event.

Tailoring to Your Event

Every event has its own unique requirements. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, the garden is prepared accordingly. This could involve anything from setting up marquees, arranging seating, creating pathways, to installing lighting and sound systems.

Floral Arrangements and Decor

A garden event isn’t complete without stunning floral arrangements. The Zvidris florists team sources the best seasonal flowers and plants to adorn your garden. We also handle all the decor, ensuring it complements the natural beauty of the garden.

Sustainability at the Forefront

GEM are committed to sustainable practices. They ensure minimal impact on the garden and the environment during the preparation and the event. All waste is responsibly managed, and where possible, materials are recycled or composted.

Post-Event Care

After the event, the team ensures the garden is returned to its original state, if not better. We handle the cleanup, remove all installations, and carry out any necessary garden maintenance.

Conclusion - GEM

GEM go beyond just event management.

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