Gardening and Park Management

Professional services for your gardens and parks by Aivars Zvidris:

- garden and open space design - advice on selecting trees, bushes, perennial and annual flowers

- lawn mowing and park trimming (tractors, riders, lawn-movers, trimmers)

- wood line cleaning from natural seeding and bushes

- arboriculturist services and crown pruning for trees and bushes

- decorative and topiary trimming of coniferous and leaf trees

- weeding for flowerbeds and garden spaces

- taking care of flower beds, lawns, flowerpots and other vegetation

- delivering plants and materials for gardens from the best European nursery farms (Lorenz von Ehren etc.)

- analysing the condition of trees and removing dangerous trees and branches

- delivering bulk materials (macadam, sand, brown soil, mulch, decorative stones etc.)

- cleaning house technical facilities, including – gutters, storm-water pipes, roofs and other units

- pavement, facades and other surface washing

- garden decorating (benches, statues, flowerpots etc.)

- installing garden irrigation systems (dripping and sprinkling)

- installing greenhouses and winter hot houses

- cleaning swimming pools, ponds, fountains and other water bodies

- spring and autumn cleans for gardens and parks

- renovating lawns – aeration, verticulation, additional sowing; levelling

- landscaping, alpine rock gardens, decorative streams and lakes

- planting hedges (cedar, yew, spruce, hornbeam etc.)

- advice of garden and park planning

Aivars Zvidris, is a professional with a passion for plants and a green thumb to match. With over 15+ years of experience in the field, Aivars has honed his skills in various aspects of gardening, from plant care and landscape design to pest control and garden restoration.

Aivar’s journey into gardening began at a young age, helping in his family’s garden in Jurmala. This early exposure sparked a love for nature that led him to pursue a degree in Horticulture in Bulduri Horticultural school (park gardener, landscape construction technician). He has worked in various settings, including private residences, public parks, and botanical gardens.

Aivars believes in the power of plants to transform spaces and lives. He approaches each project with creativity and precision, ensuring that every garden he touches becomes a tranquil sanctuary for its owners. His expertise includes native plants, sustainable gardening practices, and organic/chemical pest control methods.

In addition to providing regular garden maintenance, Aivars Zvidris offers garden consultations and landscaping services. Whether you’re looking to create a new garden or revamp an existing one, Aivars can guide you through the process, offering expert advice and innovative design solutions.

Aivars Zvidris with his team is not just a gardener; he’s loves his work. His dedication and passion shine through in the lush, vibrant landscapes he creates. Join in our garden journey with Aivars Zvidris, and let’s grow together!

For more information about gardening services, please get in touch with us.