Property Trust Management in the European Union

Property trust management abroad is a classical financial solution for the property owners not willing to maintain the property themselves or leaving their city (country) for a long time or non-residing there.

House or apartment trust management is an excellent way to offset property operational costs since the property starts paying off its costs and make some profits.

When renting your property out, I will carry out the full range of activities:

- advertising property for rent

- processing tenants requests

- verifying candidates

- selecting optimal candidates

- executing rental agreements

- removal inspections

- tenants’ removal to the property

- taking utility meter readings (natural gas, electricity, water etc.)

- managing and collecting rental payments

- coordinating any maintenance issues

- providing the owner with financial reports and any relevant information on their property

- photo and video reporting of the properties, the condition of individual technical units, emergency situations and the overall property condition