Flower and decorative species planting

Flower garden complete maintenance

Flowers and decorative plants. Planting annual and perennial flowers and other decorative plants. Creating compositions for your special occasions. Servicing and maintaining hothouses and decorative flower gardens – maintenance, watering, condition monitoring.

Before the season (vegetation period or summer season) it is important to rationally plan and manage the work of planting annual and perennial flowers and other decorative plants:

- selection of species and varieties, colour palettes, height and blossoming periods

- planning areas and places for planting

- the layout (distribution) by spaces for planting – flowerpots, flower gardens, flower beds, parterres, hothouses

- estimates on the number of plants and their availability in nursery farms

- delivery of soil, minerals, drainage and other materials for planting

- plant selection, purchase, delivery and sowing

- flower garden maintenance (watering, caring, mineralising, monitoring their condition).